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  Medley Affiliate Network News and Announcements  
2010 FFN Affiliate Gathering: The Jets and Pets Bonus Award

Get those Orders soaring during the month of May, as we head into the second month of our fabulous Jets and Pets Bonus Award.

BDSM.com – Tantalize Traffic with Our Kinky New Site!

Our newest website, BDSM.com is a definite way to bring in your kinkiest, fetish-seeking traffic! Dominate your traffic with access to the most dynamic alternate lifestyle community online.

Record-breaking $175 Per Member Order on BDSM.com and ALT.com!

For the final month, Medley.com is continuing its ground-breaking $175 per member order on BDSM.com and ALT.com!

Make up to $130 Per Premium Member Signup on Cams.com!

Earn more this May with a higher payout on Cams.com, where you'll make up to $130 for every premium member sign-up with our Per Order Tier Program.

  Affiliate Program Options  
  Option I - Per-Click Program - Get paid for each click:  
Pay per click program is the simplest way to start earning. We track who you refer and give you up to $1.00 per each unique visitor per day (counted by unique IP address).
  Option II - Percentage Program  
The more traffic you send, the more you earn with our percentage program. You receive a percentage of initial and recurring membership orders. With the free member sign up bonus, you could be earning more than we do!
  Option III - Per Order Payout  
Making money with our Per Order Payout Program has never been this easy! For a limited time, ALT.com will pay you $35.00 $175.00 for any order placed on our site, regardless of order type! Take advantage of this limited time offer and start turning your quality traffic into steady cash today!
  Broker Program  
To find out more about our broker program, please contact us.

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